My New Chrome Extension – Tweet A Link

Tweet a Link Chrome Extension

Tweet a Link Chrome Extension

Just finished creating a new chrome extension which helps you tweet the urls you have one-click away. Rather than search for the Tweet button within pages, you have in your extensions in your browser.

No more you need to look for the tweet button or copy and paste the urls you like in order to tweet a certain page you like.

You can search it on the chrome store: “Tweet a link”

or you find it in the following link:

Enjoy your surf and sharing.

Stockulator on your iDevice

Here’s an app I developed more than a year ago and has been on the app store for a year now with some under 1000 downloads without any advertisement.. word of mouth and usefulness of the app.

The App as described on the apps site:   Stockulator is a calculator designed for helping you estimate and calculate your possible gain vs. loss when a stock price rises or falls. It simulates your entire calculations of number of shares, amounts etc.. and helps you project how much money you are going to make before buying or selling any shares.

Get the app: 

Help for using the app:

Welcome to your ideas and comments.