Stockulator on your iDevice

Here’s an app I developed more than a year ago and has been on the app store for a year now with some under 1000 downloads without any advertisement.. word of mouth and usefulness of the app.

The App as described on the apps site:   Stockulator is a calculator designed for helping you estimate and calculate your possible gain vs. loss when a stock price rises or falls. It simulates your entire calculations of number of shares, amounts etc.. and helps you project how much money you are going to make before buying or selling any shares.

Get the app: 

Help for using the app:

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CSS – Mobile Development

As for mobile development, font-sizes ought to be in percentages. That’s according to most articles I have read.

Based on this, many things else ought to be in percentages like the positioning of certain background images (if they be in CSS sprites), Yet, this ought not let one completely discard the use of pixels and other absolute units.

I spent quite a morning trying to figure out why my mobile device’s (iPhone 5) Safari isn’t seeing padding I put in percentages. Although the container is being defined with absolute units, pixels in this case.

The only way I had it to work is to use fixed units for the padding as well.

If one thinks it shouldn’t, one can explain, I may be wrong but with the mobile development and design going forward, one is still trying to figure out the best ways for CSS definitions for different mobile browsers.