So, I think this is one of the coolest tools for one to us in creating / editing your styles right on the style.

Not only I have used it and found it really handy, but its convenienceĀ comes now with its support for SASS, editing your scss and less files can’t be easier. Now after praising this tool, I have to point out something that kept me hanging for few days. It had an issue picking up global variable colors;


$p-color : #000;
$t-color : #ff7;

body {
background-color: $p-color;

These global colors weren’t picked up, which made me scratch my head a couple of times till I found that that syntax is not accepted. Having a space before the color breaks it.

The correction therefore is like:

$p-color: #000;
$t-color: #ff7;


My two cents tips for someone using livestyle, this amazing tool; livestyle