iPhone 5 Not Saving Photos from Facebook

After getting my iPhone 5, i found that it is not saving photos from Facebook. I searched online and was about to go to Genius Bar to have this issue resolved.
If you faced the same problem, there’s no need for that.
It is simply a settings issue and probably you haven’t set the Facebook app right when you get your iPhone.
Just go to Settings> Photos and make sure that you have your Facebook app On.
That should solve it.


CSS – Mobile Development

As for mobile development, font-sizes ought to be in percentages. That’s according to most articles I have read.

Based on this, many things else ought to be in percentages like the positioning of certain background images (if they be in CSS sprites), Yet, this ought not let one completely discard the use of pixels and other absolute units.

I spent quite a morning trying to figure out why my mobile device’s (iPhone 5) Safari isn’t seeing padding I put in percentages. Although the container is being defined with absolute units, pixels in this case.

The only way I had it to work is to use fixed units for the padding as well.

If one thinks it shouldn’t, one can explain, I may be wrong but with the mobile development and design going forward, one is still trying to figure out the best ways for CSS definitions for different mobile browsers.

Math Real time Question

It just occurred to me to revise what one has learned in factorials, permutations and combinations long ago.

I developed some snippet code, mainly to answer one of the questions, that if my passcode/pin in my ATM has 4 slots for 10 different digits to be inserted, how many possibilities could be there before finding the right number.

Again I’m not a mathematician, just revising the math rules and putting them in some code using HMTL, JQuery and CSS.

Here’s the link to my code: http://jsfiddle.net/joeSaad/bXy6a/#base

Let me know if you would like to add more for understanding anything more about these rules.



Easy Permutations and Combinations

Combinations and Permutations


Browser Compatibility Issues – Part IV

z-index has its issues with IE7. I tried going over many forums to see how to have it solved.
One of the forums exceptionally useful is: Squish the Internet Explorer Z-Index Bug
which actually discussed the problem I was having at that time.
I know there are more issues to z-index with IE7 than this one mentioned in this post.

So basically that forum explained something that I’m still trying to understand since it is the way IE7 is interpreting it:

There’s a hover effect of a dropdown menu in the page, the dropdown has a position absolute.

<!doctype html>
    ul.main > li {float:left;}
<ul class="main" style="position: relative;">
<ul style="position: absolute; top: 10px; left: 10px; z-index: 125;">
<div id="cont" style="position: relative; z-index: 10;"><img src="image source" alt="" width="" height="" /></div>

The problem with this code is that no matter the z-index of the cont div is, it still would show above the hovered menu which is hovered over it, even though the hovered menu has a higher z-index.

add a z-index in the parent ul.main to be less than the contained ul’s z-index

ul.main, ul.main > li {z-index:50;}